Advanced energy efficiency.

Advanced Energy Efficiency Module in buildings

Improving energy efficiency is one of the key pillars of European policies to fight climate change.

This improvement has focused, to date, in most cases, on the replacement of production systems with more efficient equipment and on the installation of their own energy production systems (rooftop photovoltaic plants, wind turbines, etc. )

Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EEB)

An easy-to-implement, high-performance solution.

At VAtecno we are looking ahead, working in the development of tools to control the demand and its optimization. This allows companies to reduce the amount of energy needed to achieve an optimal level of climatic/lighting comfort for the building users.

For optimal operation, the system needs a “learning” and adjustment period that is carried out automatically.


Improves the application of strategies in relation to real estate resources.

The center of the system are the building rooms and all the information related to it. Our advanced tool can integrate this data with 2D vision over the building floor plan and even 3D perspectives or BIM models.

power consumption

Based on our experience, savings range from 15% to 40%.

CO2 pollution

The reduction in consumption entails a significant reduction in the CO2 discharged into the atmosphere.

Increase the durability of your devices

Optimizing the use of the equipment entails the reduction of operating hours.

Complete Analytics

There is a information log with detailed hours of use, consumption, etc. This allows to improve the global management.

How it works

Scheduled tasks

Generating daily, based on the schedules, location and use of each space, together with the atmospheric forecast, a lighting schedule for the climate equipment in each space.

Realtime operating system

From the programming of each space and with the data received in real time of occupation, temperature, humidity, lumens, etc. adjusts the operation of each team constantly.

Machine learning

The system stores related information about the building status such temperature changes, etc. This in order to improve programming and action in real time through AI.


We rely on our own software and hardware.


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