Advanced energy efficiency.

Advanced energy efficiency module for facilities

Improving energy efficiency is one of the key pillars of European policies to combat climate change.

This improvement has been focused mostly to date on the replacement of production systems with more efficient equipment and on the installation of in-house energy production systems (rooftop photovoltaic plants, wind turbines, etc.).

Energy Efficient Facilities

Easy to implement and high performance solution.

At Vatecno we are working on the next evolution, which is the development of demand control tools and their optimisation, so that demand is reduced and therefore the amount of energy required to achieve an optimum level of climatic comfort and lighting for building users is reduced.

The system needs a period of “learning” and adjustment for optimal operation, which is carried out automatically.


Improves the implementation of your strategies in relation to real estate resources.

The core of the system are the spaces from which all the information is related, integrating the data with the vision in 2D on plan and even in 3D or BIM models.


Based on our experience the savings can range from 15% to 40%.


The reduction in consumption leads to a significant reduction in the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere

Increased lifespan
of the equipment

Optimising the use of the equipment leads to a reduction in the number of operating hours.


There is a history of information available on hours of use of each space, consumption, etc., which allows for improved overall management.

Optimisation Methods

Scheduled activities

By generating a daily schedule for switching on the climate equipment in each space based on the times, location and use of each space, together with the weather forecast.

Real-time operations

The operation of each unit is constantly adjusted based on the schedule of each space and with the data received in real time on occupancy, temperature, humidity, lumens, etc.

Machine learning

Our system stores all the information on usage, temperature curves, etc. Then, we use AI processes to improve scheduling and performance in real time.


Software and hardware developed and manufactured in-house.


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