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We improve your medical business.

We significantly increase your profit. We do this with improved productivity that reduces costs, greater control to increase revenue and accurate information that allows you to make better decisions

Advanced management software

There are different types of clinics with distinct characteristics and very different needs depending on their activity. We adapt to this diversity by creating specific versions to provide the best solution for each type of healthcare institution.

Image Diagnosis

Integrated diagnostic centre management system enabling a seamless workflow. All in one HIS, RIS, PACS and financial services.

of our software


It natively contemplates the protection of information and has advanced systems of permissions and monitoring of user activity. Fully compliant with the new GDPR.


System ready for large volumes of information, with the possibility of native connectors to the main database engines.


Its functionalities make it a truly integrated solution, eliminating duplication of tasks and optimising the efforts of each department.

How we can help you

Area or clinic managers

We define all the operational information with the maximum detail of each activity carried out in the area or clinic. Reports can be made available instantly. The concept of management by exception allows you total control, by focusing on the actions that require your intervention eliminating repetitive and unnecessary ones.

Relationship with patients

We seek a fluid relationship with your patients, from the time they are a prospect to post-treatment care. We have online and in-clinic systems to improve communication and user satisfaction. Everything is geared towards simplicity, this will allow you to focus on improving patient perception.

Front desk and administration

The automation of processes allows us to define a coherent and common organisation, which results in a higher rate of efficiency and lower costs. We work according to "Lean Healthcare" concepts, performing more tasks, more efficiently and with fewer staff.

Medical records

Whether your organisation focuses on single or multiple specialties, it is fully adaptable to your medical record needs, including dental and diagnostic imaging. It's a time-saving tool for doctors and professionals to deliver better healthcare with minimal effort.

Diagnostic imaging

Powerful appointment system, integrated with reception, with a module for both internal and external referrals. With control of contrasts and study stages. Management of the study stages. Delivery of the study and/or report by multiple routes, including printing or secure download. Improved productivity, log file.

Centralised system

Allows control of activity by delegations and clinics (own or franchised) maintaining information and statistics suited to each level of responsibility. Equally valid in individual centres. Its multi-language capabilities make it ideal for entities with multinational activity.

Facility Management

Optimises support and maintenance activities on equipment and buildings, while increasing the satisfaction of employees, who are treated as internal customers. Its implementation generates savings that can reach more than 20%, a significant saving of time and money for your organisation.

Senior management

Customisable dashboards allow you to see the real situation of every aspect of the organisation at every moment, from wherever you want, whenever you want.

Features and functions

Front desk

Advanced appointment management
Checkout and collection
Room management
Customer communication
Item management
Shift management

Patient history

Personalisation of history
Ontegrated image diagnosis
Clinical statistics management
Complementary tests

Additional features

SMS communication
Client portal - professional and entity
Digital signature of documents
Online appointment
Online appointment link with insurance companies
Advanced accounting link.


Invoicing (private and entities)
Management of fees
Settlement to doctors
Control of collections and claims
Files (traffic, sports...)
Fee management
Modules and passes.


Site coordination
Advanced reports and statistics
Business Intelligence
Resource control
Workflow management

Financial module

Financial configuration
Control of collections and payments
Control of duplicate invoices
Bank consolidation
Cost management
Import of bank movements (Spanish Banking Standard CSB43).


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