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We innovate and grow together with you

We integrate people, methods and technologies to increase your profit with a special focus on medicine, logistics and distribution. Take advantage of the standardisation of technology to cost-effectively use what is proven in thousands of facilities just like yours.

We are an SME just like you and we understand your needs

Digitised management

We’re used to providing process improvement and software implementation services together. This is what allows us to guarantee you a robust, reliable and truly useful solution.

We provide a clear balance between effort and low investment to improve your business operations.


We cover all aspects of technological improvement for your business activity, with guaranteed results.


Management and development of technological projects and automation, Artificial Vision, IOT and AI.


Development and implementation of Corporate Software, ERP and Sectorial solutions.

Systems and communications

Implementation and maintenance of corporate IT systems and comprehensive security.

How can we help you?


Take control of your pre-sales activities and monitor your offers and sales, campaigns and sales agents' performance.


Cost monitoring and simple but powerful work order management for your product manufacture and/or assembly.


Sales management of products or services, with margins per sale control and advanced profitability analysis.

Financial Control

Invoicing issued and received, collections and payments with the possibility of integrating them with your bank, if permitted.

HR Monitoring

Complete, but simple, human resources management module with expense, absenteeism and task control.

Integrated Accounting

Full accounting integrated with other ERP modules, thus avoiding duplication and saving effort.

Take your company to the next level

You will benefit from a fast, secure platform with the guarantee of having an adequate service so that you can keep control of your activity and data.

Optionally, we can provide comprehensive maintenance of all your company’s IT and communications equipment.

Internet & RRSS

Your company exists only if it is digitised. In times gone by it was said that “Good wine needs no bush”, but this is totally untrue nowadays. If you are not known, you do not exist.


We provide you with the tools and knowledge for a REAL transformation of your business. It is not only about having a presence, but also about it bringing you profits.


It is not just about being on a website, you need a change to adapt your business to increase your profitability, bringing your products closer to the new market.

Several lines of action

The online existence lives in constant evolution. We provide you with an integrated approach to take advantage of all the viable synergies focused on your business.

Internet presence

We create the most appropriate website to attract your customers with SEO/SEM positioning and the message that captures the essence of your company.


Your online shop will boost your profitability, selling 24 hours a day for you, integrated with the management, to sell with less effort.

Social Media

Social media has become the way to keep your customers interested and drive sales. We keep your networks active and profitable.


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